First Position 

The First Position curriculum reflects the National Standards for Learning and Teaching Dance. Lessons will enhance and aid the early development of language, speech, perceptual, cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills through creative movement and dance. Class content focuses on the vocabulary, traditions and etiquette of classical ballet while exploring the elements of dance through creative movement and other dance forms. First Position will also serves as intervention for the most undeserved youth to yield positive developmental and behavioral outcomes while still providing quality dance education and training. 

Ages 2 1/2 – 3
First Position- Creative Movement focuses on education, enrichment, and development for children through an introduction to the basics of movement and meaning. Creative movement will prepare students for further cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills development through dance training under DIW’s Primary Ballet.
Ages 4-5
First Position- Primary Ballet will allow further development of cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills through basic training & understanding of dance. Our beginner students will be more cognitively challenged and will improve self-esteem, confidence, concentration, sensory and body awareness as they learn the basics of Ballet. 

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Pre-Professional Ballet Conservatory

Pre-Professional Ballet Conservatory: (ages 6-18) prepares aspiring young dancers to be tomorrow's professional artists. This audition-based program employs a curriculum grounded in classical Ballet technique, Pointe, Variations, Partnering, Modern and Contemporary.  

Throughout the program, physicality, intellect and a sense of aesthetics are developed, refined and expanded to produce students with a high caliber of performance artistry and technical skill. As a result, students who graduate from the Pre-Professional Program are well-trained and prepared to pursue their passion for dance in a university or professional setting.  

The Dance Institute of Washington’s Pre-Professional Ballet Conservatory accepts students no younger than age 6 into the program for formal ballet training. Ideal candidates are healthy individuals who possess the physical attributes necessary for success within the structure of classical ballet. All students are accepted on a trial basis.  

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 Ballet For Boys Program 

DIW will be re-introducing our boys program that will introduce different genres of dance as well as providing mentorships and skills. Coming Soon in 2018............

For more information please contact Conservatory Co- Program Manager Alexis Miller 

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