Ballet For Tots

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is an introduction to dance for our youngest and most promising dancers. Classes provide an introduction to the basics of movement and meaning, with equal focus on education, enrichment and enjoyment for children. Creative Movement prepares the students for further dance training and entrance into DIW's Community and Conservatory Programs.

Primary Ballet

Our Primary Ballet program was designed to give our 4 to 5 year old students a basic understanding of dance. Our beginner students will learn their basic Ballet positions (first-fifth), stretching exercises, how to assess and maintain the rhythm of their music, as well as body awareness.

What Students Learn

The Ballet For Tots curriculum reflects the National Standards for Learning and Teaching Dance. Lessons develop students’ gross and fine motor skills, creative expression, cognitive, social and emotional development and problem solving skills. Class content focuses on the vocabulary, traditions and etiquette of classical ballet while exploring the elements of dance through creative movement and other dance forms.

Pre-Professional Ballet Conservatory

Pre-Professional Ballet Conservatory: (ages 6-18) prepares aspiring young dancers to be tomorrow's professional artists. This audition-based program employs a curriculum grounded in classical Ballet technique, Pointe, Variations, Partnering, Modern and Contemporary.  

Throughout the program, physicality, intellect and a sense of aesthetics are developed, refined and expanded to produce students with a high caliber of performance artistry and technical skill. As a result, students who graduate from the Pre-Professional Program are well-trained and prepared to pursue their passion for dance in a university or professional setting.  

The Dance Institute of Washington’s Pre-Professional Ballet Conservatory accepts students no younger than age 6 into the program for formal ballet training. Ideal candidates are healthy individuals who possess the physical attributes necessary for success within the structure of classical ballet. All students are accepted on a trial basis.  

Admission is by audition only. To request an audition please contact us at
Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Registration DIW Program Policies

Pre-Professional Bridge Program

The Pre-Professional Bridge program, formerly known as the Community Dance program, is designed for young dancers with a recreational interest in dance as well as those who want the same dance disciplines taught in our Pre-Professional Ballet Conservatory program during the week, but are looking for more in-studio experience before committing to a weekday schedule.  

Classes are offered in a range of dance forms for any student to explore i.e. Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop and African. PPBP classes offer a fun, enriching and nurturing environment for the exploration of dance as an art form.  

Students of all skill levels are welcome!  

PPBP students also get to participate in an end of the school year performance to showcase all that they have learned during the year!

What Students Learn

This program helps youth prepare for our Pre-Professional Ballet Conservatory Program by receiving high quality, level-appropriate instruction in a professional environment. PPBP addresses performing, creating and responding to dance. Technical emphasizes coordination, kinesthetic awareness, musicality and the development of personal style for performance.
Pre Professional Bridge Program Brochure Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Registration
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